In the final week of the Scottish referendum campaign some of us, who planned to vote No, gave our reasons and asked Scots to wake up to what independence might mean for them and for Scotland.

Now we are turning our attention to important post-referendum issues. What increased devolution will mean for Scotland and the rest of the UK. And how we might create a better and fairer Scotland.

We plan to publish thoughtful blogs from contributors,  irrespective of how they voted.





  1. A Vote’s a Vote an a’ That

    The Eve o’ the Ref has come now upon us
    A decision fir Scots that’s truly eponymous.
    Wi’ our hearts, heads and souls we need to make sense
    Of all that’s been spouted and come aff the fence.

    Passions aroused as we establish the facts
    Aboot all that’s being offered by the YES / NO contracts.
    Fair, just and progressive is what we desire
    But which path to take – our hearts to inspire?

    The fanciful dream of a national destiny
    Has swayed those who subscribe to SNP testimony.
    ‘Govern ourselves’ and ‘Self Determination’
    Are worthy sounding notions for a fiercely proud Nation.

    But what does it mean – can it be true?
    That this land will be run by the likes of me and you?
    Or mair like the same – but different – in shinier suits
    Scots politicians – high hiedyens – murky at roots?

    Holyrood Devolvees have held reigns for a number of years
    And has much arisen to quell all your fears?
    Sit back and THINK and use yer god given noggin
    Rather than pedal trite notions the NATS have been floggin’

    Listen to whit shackle-free Experts are espousing
    And big foreign business with which we’ll be tousling.
    Economies are fuelled by confident footings
    Already a taste of markets grumblings and mootings.

    This ‘fingers in ears’ and ‘eyes wide shut’ stance’
    Is ignoring the facts and staying in trance.
    A false whipped up fervour of Nationalist rants
    Is tragically ignorant – simply mind bendingly pants!

    I am a Scot and gently proud of this fact
    Of the traditions and achievements but with a level of tact.
    Through to the core I belong of this land
    From head to toes (cheuchin to my favourite band!)

    But it’s as part of this Union of Nations this is true
    300 years of success – a symbiotic red, white and blue
    Like my forebears I signed on the light blue dotted line
    As a Brit and a Scot fought in threatening climes.

    Ops alongside English, Irish and Welsh brethren
    To get the job done – one cap wi’ one feather in.
    The differences small, the camaraderie great
    Inconceivable that Scots hold an inkling of hate.

    Minds need to open and think bigger and better
    And not just think wi’ this parochial fetter.
    It’s not just Scotland that has problems asunder
    Engage wi’ the system and improve UK wide plunder.

    Fair, Just and Progressive is a universal desire
    So why not together light a Bonnie wee fire.
    Across the UK there are people in need
    So let’s not undertake a selfish Scot-centric deed.

    We all want what’s best for our own kith and kin
    A solution that’s solid and feels good within.
    The collective, by nature is undoubtedly strong
    So why throw away what’s cemented 3 centuries long?

    Defending this island in a turbulent globe
    As unseen forces continue to probe
    I KNOW is only realistically achieved
    As UK / NATO members – please don’t be deceived.

    I DO get the romantic notion of self-determination
    But it’s a naive pipe dream of Alex’s creation.
    King Salmond et al has roused that mythical Rampant Lion
    And tagged it to coat tails whilst his trade he is plyin’

    Only YOU can judge the real fact o’ the matter
    And see through the chaff and all o’ the patter.
    So open your MIND and THINK o’ the facts
    That will allow you to decide and make an impact.

    Together we are strong and carry some clout
    In a global trade world where strength wins out.
    A Scot in this context can now – and forward – be proud
    To be Scottish and British and shout it out loud.

    So take yer ballot paper and mark on a cross
    In the wee box that says NO to ruin and loss.
    This Kingdom is on the road back to success
    Don’t throw it away by marking the YES.

    (And here’s an addendum to keep fore in mind
    Tomorrow’s a day which will soon be behind.
    Whichever way the Ballot comes out
    We need to keep oor heids and no behave like the lout.

    A Yes or A No vote – whatever ye’ve decided
    Is futile if it leaves a Nation divided.
    We must put it to bed and move on together
    As like it or lump it we’re a’ Scots forever.)

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  2. I’ve just discovered this site and am pleased that I have. I’m an expatriot Scot (former resident of Milngavie), now living in Newcastle (for family reasons, nothing to do with the referendum). I’m writing this on the day of the vote. It’s refreshing to see such cogent and well-reasoned analysis for the no vote. The only regret is that these essays do not have a wider circulation; only Carol Craig’s and Ewan Morrison’s appear to have been published (and Carol’s in the Guardian – such a small circulation in Scotland). So sad that the slanted nationalist cheerleading by Iain McWhirter and Ian Bell in the Herald has basically gone unanswered by the Better Together campaign. Such a shame that Alf Young no longer contributes to the Herald.

    Win or lose, I will continue to look at this blog for well-informed and interesting comment. If he wins, Salmond, must be held to account. That said, I suspect that the shine will wear off him (and Nicola Sturgeon) very quickly.

    Another good site is http://www.scottishreview.net/. Excellent article this week by Kenneth Roy (who I always thought was a nationalist) berating Salmond for ‘breaking the country’. Roy wrote an excellent book, “The Invisible Spirit” on the recent history of Scotland.

    Sorry to sound flattering, but keep up the good work.

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  3. I find this a very odd article. First, Carol Craig accuses those of us who voted ‘yes’ of responding to appeals to our selfish nature, then she goes on to tell us why an independent Scotland would not be economically viable so we’d all be worse off – these appear contradictory positions.

    She also has that irritating habit of conflating voting yes with support for the SNP.

    Anyway, Ms Craig, I’m happy to go to a meeting with you, especially if it is one about progressive fiscal policies, getting rid of WMD, having a constitution, getting rid of an unelected second house or any of the other reason I voted ‘yes’. In fact, Ms Craig, perhaps I’ll send you an invite.


  4. Whilst I support reform of the House of Lords, that second chamber offers a level of scrutiny far superior to the scrutiny offered by the subject committees in the Scottish Parliament. I’ve followed the passage of legislation through both systems and know which one I feel best supports democratic accountability.

    I also support getting rid of WMDs but I support a position that does not see us ditching them whilst being prepared to join a first strike nuclear alliance (a policy stance that supports doing both is nothing short of a monstrous hypocrisy).

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